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Los enigmáticos crop circles, esos diseños perfectos que aparecen sobre los campos de cultivo en sólo una noche, podrían tener alguna relación con eventos astronómicos, como los eclipses. Los Crop Circles están apareciendo desde hace muchos años y sin embargo, hay mucha gente que aún no conoce, ni ha oído hablar de este fenómeno. La aper… Read More

A state-of-the-art mixed land use project, encompassing Retail SCOs & Booths, Hotel & Service Suites, Commercial Office Spaces, Retail Space for Shops and Showrooms, Indian and International eating joints. GBP's endeavours were so successful that within a span of 4 years, Townships spanning across 250 acres were delivered at Mohali District in area… Read More

For over three decades, Chef David Cuisine and Event Design has dominated the South Florida event scene. Chef Haverland received his formal culinary education at CSCA Le Cordon Bleu of Pasadena, CA. After his graduation, he took on the role of Junior Sous Chef at the Westin Pasadena where he learned about hotel management and operations. Events can… Read More